What To Watch: 01/21/2019

We lead with a show that’s essentially L.A. Law in Abu Dhabi (because that’s exactly what it’s intended as), but is called Justice here. Speaking of: we can never get enough of the man whose urinal mutterings sealed his fate.

Justice [Netflix]
This new procedural features stories ripped from the headlines — however, those headlines are from Abu Dhabi newspapers’ files. A collaboration between an American producer and Middle Eastern writers, and titled Qalb Al Adala in its original Arabic (seriously, its American title may doom it to obscurity), the buzz is quiet but mostly positive.

Robert Durst: An ID Murder Mystery [ID, 9p]
Robert Durst, the rich idiot who maybe-confessed to murder on a hot mic on HBO’s The Jinx is profiled on this two-part special. The special is an “unabridged look” into the murder of Susan Berman, who Durst definitely killed, I’m sure of it because this guy would totally murder his lifelong best friend who helped cover up the murder of Durst’s wife, Kathleen.

The Passage [Fox, 9p]
Amy and Brad are on the tin and things are getting weirder at Project Noah. Vampires are taking over people’s dreams and I am pretty sure nothing good will come of it. If you’ve read the books it is quite the departure but still worth a watch.

The Bachelor [ABC, 8p]
It’s still early in the game and Colton is eliminating en masse! Tune in to watch more awkward group dates and see which lucky woman gets this weeks solo date.



  • In the world of superhero-brand justice, the Arrowverse is slowly rolling back out for 2019, and tonight on the CW, it’s both Black Lightning and the main feature itself — Arrow.
  • We have yet to mention Winner Cake All, one of Food Network’s newest competitions, and that is a shameful oversight as we love both cooking and clumsy cooking related puns. It’s hosted by Giada De Laurentiis and tonight the contestants pay tribute to their favorite fairy tale in a challenge called “It’s a Broadway Princess Party.”

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