What To Watch: 01/20/2019

It’s Showtime and HBO rollout day, so, well, let’s roll — with our friendly Brooklyn neighborhood drug dealer leading the way with two editor rec’s.

High Maintenance [HBO, 10:30p]
HBO’s best show, nay, the best show about the world we live in now, returns. One of the greatest strengths of High Maintenance isn’t its dry humor, but its capacity to show the best we can offer each other. While the stories seem only loosely interconnected, it’s thrilling to see where the writers will weave returning characters. Hopefully, we won’t wait for Hannibal for too long.

High Maintenance [HBO, 10:30p]
The seminal show about weed delivery in NYC is getting an upgrade to a new night and a new mode of transportation. We’ll see the show has grown from a brand new POV — that of a RV. Tune in for some close-call accidents and car wash debauchery.

Crashing [HBO, 10p]
Pete Holmes’ semi-autobiographical half hour comedy is back for a third season, as Pete finds himself on tour with a group of Christian comedians. Hilarity and existential angst are sure to follow.

Black Monday [Showtime, 10p]
Its previewed pilot is wildly uneven, but sets up some absurd fun as meek Andrew Rannels’ analyst finds investment speculator bad boy Don Cheadle in a meet-cute that somehow leads to the 1987 stock market crash. Also, it has Paul Scheer in a bad wig.

Charmed [The CW, 9p]
The sisters are back! When we left off, the charmed ones stopped hell from opening in their living room, but they lost Harry in the process. What will they do without their whitelighter? Tonight, Macy, Mel and Maggie must ask the elders for some much needed advice.



  • It’s the classic clever show shaded by its provocative name — SMILF is beloved by Jason’s uncle and returns for a second season on Showtime tonight as our lead’s search for her mom takes her to Philadelphia.
  • To finish up our major premium cable returns round-up, also on Showtime, Shameless is kind of on auto-pilot going into its second half of its ninth season, but that’s not a bad thing. Frank and Ingrid are at the center of tonight’s plot.
  • Meanwhile, True Detective is two episodes into its rebirth of a third season with Mahershala Ali and so far its head has remained outside the flat circle of its time’s butt.
  • Supergirl returns on the CW with our titular secret superhero’s true identity hanging onto its secrecy by a thread.

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