What To Watch: 01/16/2019

One of our favorite shows, on one of the smallest cable networks, comes back with a vengeance (if the trailer below is to be believed). Another favorite — but on a much bigger network — comes back from a shorter break. Also, horses!

Schitt’s Creek [Pop, 10p]
The Roses are back for season five and I feel like we are at the point in our relationship where there should be a special name for the fans. My life feels so empty without their small town hi-jinx. Now that the Roses have accepted their fate and started thriving in Schitt’s Creek, I’m hoping they stay for a while. Looking forward to more #relationship goals with David and Patrick, wigs on a mission with Moira, travel anecdotes from Alexis and business foibles from Johnny.

Riverdale [The CW, 8p]
It’s baaack! Riverdale is officially in quarantine, allowing Hiram Lodge to turn the town into a crime haven. Archie is still on the run and it looks like the gang is going to have to figure this one out without him.

Nature: Equus: The Story of the Horse [PBS, 8p]
Channel your inner Tina Belcher, because tonight’s hour, where Nature is Fucking Lit, is all about mankind’s relationship with the majestic horse.



  • A little bit of CW flavor on the Syfy, Deadly Class is based on a graphic novel of the same name and deals with a school for rogues with special — and mostly dark — powers.
  • In the world of real-life baddies, we’re not really sure what’s the difference between In Pursuit With John Walsh and his former show The Hunt With John Walsh. It may simply be that the former — debuting tonight — is on Investigation Discovery. Either way, monsters beware, as the not-so-dirty John is relentless.
  • Remaining on the theme of evil that lurks in plain sight, tonight’s target of PBS’ The Dictator’s Playbook is Bush’s Most Wanted, the late Iraqi potentate Saddam Hussein.
  • After a critically lauded first eight episodes, The CW’s All American returns from a short break as Spencer, seemingly flying high on his on-field success, is haunted by the secret that is surely at the center of this flying-below-the-radar drama. Also, the episode title is from a dope 2Pac song.
  • Finally, in that Peak TV grey area — or the site that is linked to more than anything else on that page — Wayne, the latest YouTube attempt for original programming relevancy boasts Dean Winters, promises snappy dialogue (it’s from the folks behind Zombieland and Deadpool), and tells the compelling tale of a teenager trying to find his dad’s old Trans Am.

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