What To Watch: 01/15/2019

So many reboots and returns — enough for a record-tying FIVE rec’s — that we may as well dive right into it…

Roswell, New Mexico [The CW, 9p]
Remember Roswell? That show about teenagers that were aliens? It’s back — now in we’re-older-but-still-aliens form.

This Is Us [NBC, 9p]
The Pearsons are back with the mid-season premiere. We’re still reeling from some recent developments in Vietnam. Will Kevin finally get some questions answered from a long-lost uncle? Will Zoe end up breaking his heart like Beth warned? More importantly, back stateside, is Randall still sleeping on the couch? Oh, how I missed my weekly cry-a-thon!

Drunk History [Comedy Central, 10p]
A DH OG returns for the Season 6 opener of Derek Waters’ soused recreations as Will Ferrell (who Lincoln’d it up in one of the pre-Comedy Central viral videos) is joined by Seth Rogen in a retelling of the Frankenstein’s Monster tale.

The Conners [ABC, 8p]
Darlene is putting people up to all kinds of test, which will backfire, because that’s uncool. And Jackie throws Becky a baby shower, which I think is sweet, even if it’s sure to go off the railes.

Good Trouble [Freeform, 8p]
What trouble will Callie and Mariana get into this week? Their house is throwing a big party! And Jude will be there! Hopefully he can talk Callie out of any bad decisions she is currently spiraling towards.



  • This is hardly comic Sebastian Maniscalco’s first hour-long special rodeo, but his Netflix special Stay Hungry is based off his memoir of the same title, released last year.
  • Comedy Central has not just one quirky half hour comedy returning, as Corporate comes back for a second year. Come for the dystopian workplace one-liners, stay for the Aparna Nancherla!
  • You want more workplace laughs? TV Land’s Teachers returns for the second half of its third season. It’s four stars all have variations of the name Kate — a point we just noticed, but they apparently have known for awhile as their sketch group is called The Katydids (not to be confused with the 1990s UK jangle pop band).
  • The Smithsonian Channel explores the 2009 NYC averted near accident (as also chronicled in the 2016 major motion picture Sully) with their in-depth doc Bird Vs. Plane: Miracle On The Hudson.
  • However, we’ve yet to avert the figurative train wreck that should have been the first sign that a Trump could win the White House. Temptation Island returns after a decade away, this time on USA, to inject its particular brand of sadness into our dance of human relations. Mark Wahlberg apparently felt this was a good use of his stardom … which makes me want to remind the world he also created this…

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