What To Watch: 01/14/2019

Vampires unleashed at Fox, Dirty John’s true filth revealed, Bachelor Colton steams up screens, and Staten is the New Shore.

The Passage [Fox, 9p]
Justin Cronin’s bestselling vampire trilogy finally gets an adaptation. Can Amy save the world from the apocalypse? Here’s hoping the story won’t be too diluted on network TV.

Dirty John: The Dirty Truth [Oxygen, 8p]
If last night’s finale leaves you wanting more, Oxygen will wrap up the real life, jaw-dropping, lock-your-doors-and-never-date-anyone story in two hours. (Dateline‘s one-hour special was too short!) Dive deep into the depraved life of attempted murderer John Meehan. While Bravo’s flashbacks were adequate, the documentary will interview exes we’ve only heard about (in the podcast’s finale–after its broadcast–dozens of women came out of hiding!), plus more from Tonia and her daughters, who, to paraphrase Dateline, “succeeded in spite of John Meehan.”

The Bachelor [ABC, 8p]
The journey continues! Now that we’ve met all the women it’s time for some dates. Who will stand out on those group dates? Who will shrink into the background? How many times can they bring up virginity in the span of two hours?



  • There’s a new Situation at MTV as its latest Put-A-Bunch-Of-Big-Personalities-In-A-House experiment goes to NYC’s fifth borough (at least alphabetically … and in every other way) for Made In Staten Island.
  • Meanwhile, a ferry ride and forty years ago, New Yorkers (along with the rest of the country) were dancing to disco, and its musical monarch was an R&B diva born in Boston named LaDonna Adrian Gaines, but better known as Donna Summer. Reelz dances the last dance tonight with Donna Summer: Disco Queen.

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