What To Watch: 01/12/2019

My Mother’s Split Personalities [Lifetime, 8p]
This movie acquired by Lifetime has everything: bad boyfriends, estrangements, dead parents, lingering murder, and cold hard cash! A young woman returns to her estranged mother’s home in the wake of her beloved father’s death, only to find that her (probably shitty) mom is acting strange as hell and is under the influence of her creepy new boyfriend who is angling to cash in on the dead father’s inheritance. (Not sure where the “personality disorder” comes in, but I’d prefer it didn’t, anyway.)



  • It’s mostly movies, and movies of a certain flavor, that’s new tonight on broadcast teevee. And just because it’s five days after the 12th day of Christmas does not mean the holiday-themed rom coms are out of stock as Hallmark brings us One Winter Proposal.


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