Box Office Weekend: January 4, 2019

Welcome to January. A month for belated Oscar releases and dark drivel. To that end, we have an indie thriller (promising), a horror film (meh), some foreign films, and some Oscar releases.

Escape Room is a psychological thriller based on the (somehow still on-going) activity wherein a group is locked in a room and needs to find clues to get out. It’s rated PG-13 so it’s probably not very scary. I’d recommend this Bob’s Burgers episode instead.

Rust Creek is a thriller. A young woman ends up lost in a Kentucky forest, aided and hunted by shadowy figures. (Kind of like “The Woods” episode of Atlanta but more violent?)

Mojin: The Worm Valley is a Mandarin-language action film. It is the sequel to Mojin: The Lost Legend.

Coming Thursday, January 10:

Modest Heroes: Ponoc Short Films Theatre, Volume 1 is a collection of short films from the Ponoc film studio. Should be fun!

Today on Netflix

And Breathe Normally


Coming on January 9:

GODZILLA The Planet Eater

And coming January 10:

When Heroes Fly

Trailers were unavailable for Call My Agent! season three and El Potro: Unstoppable.

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