What to Watch: 12/23/2018

If you like gritty HBO and Showtime programming or Christmas movies, tonight’s all about you as we hit Christmas Eve’s Eve.

Escape At Dannemora [Showtime, 10p]
Our heroes (heroes?) Matt and Sweat are prison broke and roaming the upstate NY streets and headed for the mountains as the complicit guards are left to ponder their choices. But Lyle got his King Wok, so all is OK.

Ray Donovan [Showtime, 9p]
Ray’s moving to save his peeps in his own special Ray Donovan way. I should really be watching this.



  • Netflix takes the latest stab at the modern classic children’s tale about rabbits, Watership Down. Voices include Olivia Colman and Daniel Kaluuya, while Sam Smith provides music.
  • Dirty John‘s titular character just gets dirtier and dirtier, run Connie Britton, RUN! On Bravo.
  • What if JK Simmons had a show and nobody watched? Counterpart on Starz.
  • Finally, your Christmas rundown: 3 Holiday Tails on Lifetime, Christmas Made To Order on Hallmark, Christmas Bells Are Ringing on Hallmark Movies, and Gingerbread Giants on Food.

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