What to Watch: 12/19/2018

We’re all about Christmas today — if from unlikely sources — as a Canadian show pulls a Brit trick with a free-standing holiday special, and a Canadian with a very American comic news platform hits Immigration and Culture Enforcement with some yuletide wordplay.

Schitt’s Creek Holiday Special [Pop, 10p]
The gang is back with a Christmas special. Johnny wants to celebrate with an old fashioned Rose Family Christmas. However, Moira brings a bad attitude when she goes Christmas tree shopping.

Full Frontal: Christmas On Ice [TBS, 10:30p]
We can count on Sam to bring both the festivity and the rampant sarcasm necessary for a 2018 Christmas season. She claims she will be actually on ice (skates) while dissecting ICE and it’s all to collect money to help its detained children (yes, the fact that our country detains children is something it has become normal to type).



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