What to Watch: 12/12/2018

Two refugees of underappreciated — and now both canceled — Comedy Central half hours (Detroiters and Making History) return with a buzzy series on a newfangled content provider (ok, so the site itself is 12 years old). We also recommend comfort food TV from the land of Archie & Jughead and a new documentary about a legendary hardcore band.

Champaign Ill [YouTube]
When fate ships hip-hop hangers on back to their Illinois hometown, well you can fill in the rest. Hijinks will indeed ensue, and as two of the princes of cleverly goofy comedy Sam Richardson and Adam Pally are in the leads, it promises to be one of YouTube’s first breakout originals.

Agnostic Front: Godfathers Of Hardcore [Showtime, 7p]
Hardcore legends Agnostic Front are the focus of a new documentary on Showtime. The Godfather’s Of Hardcore is sure to be full of cool footage of NYC’s LES in the 80s. Music needs take note.

Riverdale [The CW, 8p]
Jughead and Archie go visit Jughead’s mom and little sister. I ask again, why doesn’t Archie go to his mom? Seizures are taking over Riverdale High and we still don’t know how they’re connected to Gryphons and Gargoyles. We usually rely on Betty to figure this stuff out, but she’s busy tying up a nun? Also, why aren’t any of her friends worried about where she is?



  • Ken Jeong is a comedy enigma — he can throw his body into physical comedy with the best of them as he did in The Hangover and Community. However, he has also created one of the most self-indulgent, just plain putrid laugh track sitcoms with Dr. Ken. Tonight, he throws on an ugly sweater to give his treatment to the holidays on YouTube with Ken Jeong Cracks Christmas.
  • For all fans of the HBO breakout series My Brilliant Friend who crave more, the It’s-Not-TV network is airing the behind-the-scenes documentary My True Brilliant Friend.
  • The true crime highlight tonight is unsurprisingly on the ID network — Susan Powell: An ID Murder Mystery — a retelling of the chilling disappearance and likely murder of a Utah housewife.

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