What to Watch: 12/09/2018

Tonight is a landmark for OFF, while the Belchers gallivant on sleds. On the other end of sanity, killer clown John Wayne Gacy might somehow manage to be the less creepy John on tonight’s TV.


Dirty John [Bravo, 10p]
After yelling constantly at the screen while this show plays, I’m invested in seeing how it goes. I can’t get over the scrubs. You don’t wear scrubs to the hospital! They have sterilized ones for you there! Oh Connie Britton how can you be so naive? Last week, Debra discovered John’s criminal past. Will this be enough to shake her loose of his spell? Unlikely. Looks like we’re in for some flashback action tonight with a closer look at John’s first family.

The Simpsons [Fox, 8p]
Simpson’s continues its 30th (!!!) season with a Christmas episode. Homer surprises Marge with a trip to a Florida resort. Could it be Mar-a-lago?

Bob’s Burgers [Fox, 8:30p]
Don’t know whether the episode title (“Better Off Sled”) rips off one of the funniest 1980s movies or one of the most irreverent 2000s TV series but either way I’m in. The plot: Bob & Linda knit furiously as the kids wage an epic neighborhood battle in the snow (do you know the street value of this hill?).

Deadly Legacy [ID, 10p]
This limited series looks into the dark, sometimes relatively new-to-us history of John Wayne Gacy. New victims of the serial are uncovered every year. ID hopes to identify the last, unidentified, eight victims.



  • One of our relatives summed up Peak TV neatly “JK Simmons has a show. I love JK Simmons but I have no idea what it’s called or even what channel it’s on.” It’s Counterpart, it’s on Starz, and its second season begins tonight.
  • HBO’s adaptation of My Brilliant Friend tallies on. If you haven’t watched, hurry up, it’s seven episodes in.
  • Online listicle source Buzzfeed sponsors a unique USA marathon of Law & Order:SVU with buzzy, feedy titles like “Which Was Most Controversial,” “Hairstyle Benson Should Bring Back,” and (our personal fave) “The Skeeviest Episode”
  • All-time great producer (and a Dude also scored two sublime early-’80s singles in “Just Once” and “One Hundred WaysOne Hundred Ways“) Quincy Jones is feted by BET on Q85.
  • Our weekly roundup of Christmas joy: Eric Mabius and Jennifer Finnigan find love in the Colorado snow on Hallmark on Welcome To Christmas. Hallmark’s movie channel offers the excessively named Time For Me To Come Home For Christmas from Executive Producer and running Sexiest Man Alive joke Blake Shelton. A spoiled nobleman winds up in the care of a noble doctor on Up’s Christmas With A Prince. Lifetime takes the yuletide romance to the Volunteer State with A Christmas In Tennessee. On the episode front, the best and worst name prize both go to Homicide For The Holidays which returns for a third season on Oxygen tonight.
  • And then we have Vernon Chatman’s latest on Adult Swim, The Shivering Truth, supposedly a “darkly surreal anthology comedy,” but what isn’t on Adult Swim. Well, click for yourself.

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