What to Watch: 12/04/2018

A Megan Fox abroad examines tall tales, a 40-something sketch show reflects on its best Christmases, while a California beach bnb guest has an international phone call adventure.

Legends of the Lost with Megan Fox [Travel, 8p]
Megan Fox hosts a new travel show – Legends of the Lost. On the first episode the Transformers star explores the myths of Viking Warrior Women. What’s not to love?

A Saturday Night Live Christmas Special [NBC, 9p]
All the Xmas skits fit to print in this all-yule special.

The Guest Book [TBS, 10:30p]
This week’s installment of my favorite quirky anthology takes much of the action outside the Barefoot Retreat as Jon Bass (bright spot in Baywatch movie) plays this week’s guest lodger, a man who needs help from an overseas call center, where based on the promo shot, a wild game of Jenga ensues.



  • Enthusiastic and vulgar, British actor and standup Russell Brand has teetered at the edge of stardom for well over a decade. His latest longform comedy special is on Netflix and he’s cornering the market on colons with the title Russell Brand: Re:Birth.
  • While any conservative will be quick to let you know that The Conners has tanked in the ratings, it actually gained in viewership last week. This week, Christmas shopping brings a lot of angst for zombie widower Dan and his family.

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