What to Watch: 12/2/2018

While this space feels almost most useful as a goofy Christmas movie warehouse, two of our three recommendations neither yule nor tide.

George RR Martin’s Nightflyers [Syfy, 10p]
George RR Martin’s other show returns. Panic on the ship begins to spread. No one can be trusted and Eris takes bold measures to try to hold it all together.

Life Size 2 [Freeform, 9p]
Almost two decades later, Life-Size is back! This project has been in the works for so long that I can’t believe it’s finally airing. Can’t wait to see Tyra in all her glory. There’s no Lindsay Lohan this time, but many other familiar faces.

Dirty John [Bravo, 9p]
Debra and John, who married after “dating” for two months (WHY!!!! GIRL!!! NO!!!!!) are enjoying their new, “secret” marriage. But Debra didn’t raise a bunch of dummies, so her daughters and nephew dig up dirt proving their point that John is a Fucking Psycho. (He is, and I strongly recommend the podcast, so you too can howl at the TV!)



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