What to Watch: 11/26/2018

We got killer robots, Neapolitan novels, classic superheroes, and miles and miles of luminescent lights. We are Screen Scholars and you are definitely gonna hear us roar, mostly while pointlessly referencing five-year-old songs.

The Truth About Killer Robots [HBO, 10p]
The latest hard-hitting HBO doc looks at the dangers of artificial intelligence, and as scary as you might think it is now, this film explores the notion that the reality may be much more terrifying as it presents the examples of AI-caused deaths we’ve already seen — from the assembly line to the self-driving car.

My Brilliant Friend [HBO, 9p]
The mini series continues with its fourth installment. This one, entitled “dissolving margins” covers one of my favorite parts of the novels. I’m super interested to see how they portray this concept. Also, I hope this is the episode with the fireworks fight!

Arrow [The CW, 8p]
Oliver makes a choice let will change his life and the lives of those he loves. The show that started the Arrowverse phenomenon shows no sign of slowing down.



  • The sixth year of ABC’s The Great Christmas Light Fight opens with grandiose and glittering displays from Florida, Virginia, and Mississippi.
  • Of less esoteric competitions, The Voice has narrowed it down to eleven singers. Follow the narrowing down to (almost) single digits tonight on NBC.
  • A mission goes sideways, people die, and the survivors have to sort out their new reality as Manifest continues to, well, manifest itself on NBC.
  • On the next Love & Hip Hop: New York, it’s “Arrested Development”…at least that’s the title of the ninth season premiere. Unfortunately, the title surely has nothing to do with the Fox-cum-Netflix critical favorite TV series or the ’90s-woke rap collective who gave us hits like “Tennessee” and “Mr. Wendal,’ but is a play on words about the limbo Harlem rapper and Diplomats ambassador Juelz Santana finds himself as his legal struggles may catch up with him. Drama + Hip Hop — of course you’ll find it on VH1 (this is also a sentence which would confound a time traveler from 1993).

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