What to Watch: 11/25/2018

A certain former food critic decides to try his hand at episode recaps. Stay in your lane, Homer! Also, it’s beginning to look a LOT like Christmas, especially in the Lifetime/Hallmark universe.

Dirty John [Bravo, 10p]
The latest anthology involving a real true crime story, and against all odds, I am in. It’s based on a podcast and features one hell of a cast including Connie Britton (and if you need more than that, then frankly you aren’t worth convincing).

The Simpsons [Fox, 8p]
After he almost murders Homer, Krusty joins the circus…and he loves it! I’ve always wanted to see Krusty in his natural habitat.

The Walking Dead [AMC, 9p]
Tonight is the mid-season finale of the venerated zombie series. So far the 9th season has been a return to form for a series that many fans felt had lost its way. We aren’t sure what is in store for us, but we do know it involves the whisperers. And Judith will prob be a little bad ass.

Charmed [The CW, 9p]
More demon fighting! Tonight Harry informs the sisters that Hilltowne is actually a portal to hell. Hmm, wonder where I’ve heard that one before.



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