What to Watch: 11/01/2018

So, now that we know the Eagles won because Frank peed out a kidney stone, Charlie put his leg in a bear trap, and Dee gave Tom Brady pink-eye, we can move on with out lives. Well, until The Real Eleanor Shellstrop meets her mom, a woman now more alive than when she last left her. Andy Daly is there apparently.

The Good Place [NBC, 8:30p]
Tahani makes amends with her sister. Or tries to. Micheal and Eleanor travel to Nevada to confront the mother she thought was dead.

Grey’s Anatomy [ABC, 8p]
Grey’s is doing their Halloween episode tonight. Nothing spooky but potentially a tear jerker. Though honestly when is it not? Meredith has a patient whose family is celebrating Day of the Dead. All our doctor friends will reminisce about friends they have lost. I’m thinking lots of flashbacks in this one.

No One Would Tell [Lifetime, 10p]
Lifetime is airing a throwback tonight, Candace Cameron and Fred Savage’s teenage murder drama which spawned a remake on the same channel this year with Shannen Doherty.



  • Despite of a stellar cast including Martin Freeman, Ron Perlman, and Adrian Brody (and original Last Comic Standing champ Dat Phan), Crackle’s StartUp has yet to generate any significant buzz (perhaps the first word of this sentence explains that). It’s done enough to return for a third season, however.
  • After last week’s fake fake baby shower, NBC’s Superstore‘s characters are beginning to veer into that sheer unlikability territory that plagued later seasons of Seinfeld and The Office. As both Dina and Amy’s babies come close to due, perhaps the show will soften back to the affable farce which warmed our hearts.
  • Another day, another new Thai drama on Netflix, this one, The Judgment, features a young girl who tries to improve her school’s social ways after a shaming incident.

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