What to Watch: 10/31/2018

Happy Halloween, everybody!

Criminal Minds [CBS, 9p]
Tonight the BAU investigates a local ghost story as people go missing. Spooky vibes abound this Halloween!

American Horror Story: Apocalypse [FX, 10p]
The witches are back. Have been for a while now, but now the consequences of deals made are coming to a head. Can the apocalypse be reversed?

The Goldbergs [ABC, 8p]
Murray becomes a Stage Parent (that’s Bev’s job!) when Adam loses interest in a school production of Fiddler On the Roof. YAS, MURRAY!

Sinking Cities [PBS, 8p]
It’s long past time for actions which could save us from impending climate change, so now let’s just see how it’s going to get us. This PBS series looks at how the rising oceans will impact four cities, starting with my own hometown, New York City. De-groovy!



  • On paper, it’s a thrilling idea — famous people re-create fairy tales in the modern day with a CBS budget, well, a CBS All-Access budget. The reviews of Tell Me A Story have been less promising.
  • The offbeat horror of Stan Against Evil returns for a third season with a double shot tonight on IFC. Quirky guests include Maria Bamford and Scott Adsit.
  • Netflix drops the first season of Thai psych thriller Girl From Nowhere, a story revolving around a mystery girl named Nonna whose super power is sussing out secrets.

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