What to Watch: 10/25/2018

On Thursday, we watch The Good Place. On the tip of strong-female-lead, high-school cult movies, 1987 Winona Ryder serial murder dark comedy Heathers finally finishes its long road to television with a series on Paramount. We also have the rare double-spinoff pulled off by the C Dubs.

Heathers [Paramount, 10p]
Heathers‘ TV reboot has had a rocky road when it comes to airing in the US. Originally set to debut earlier in the year on the Paramount Network, it was pulled over sensitivity issues over school shootings. Tonight it gets it debut. It’s unclear how the show will play in a post-Mean Girls, post-Parkland America, but it should be a wild ride. Fuck me gently with a chainsaw.

The Good Place [NBC, 8:30p]
The gang visits people from their past, allowing us to finally meet Jason’s pal, Donkey Doug!

Grey’s Anatomy [ABC, 8p]
Last week, Maggie broke doctor-patient confidentiality. This week, Meredith is going to take it one step further and reach out to Teddy. What could go wrong?



  • As scholars of screens, we’ve been long obsessed by spin-offs of programs which are themselves spin-offs — popular in the 1970s (Good TimesMork & Mindy) they are a rarity recently, outside of reality shows (you could get lost going down the The Surreal Life/Flavor Of Love/I Love New York rabbit hole of the ’00s). Legacies, the latest stallion in the CW stable, tells stories from the next generation of characters featured in The 100 which itself spawned from The Vampire Diaries.
  • German spy thriller Deutschland 83 opened to rave critical reviews, only missing out on 100% Fresh b/c UK Times critic thought lead Jonas Nay “no more than adequate” (how eloquently British). Its second series comes out three years later, and that’s where we pick up the action for the now re-titled Deutschland 86 (slightly less Culture Club, a bit more Mr. Mister). It’s released stateside on Sundance.
  • Five years and five episodes in, Viola Davis and her frienemies are still working on getting away with murder on ABC’s aptly named How To Get Away With Murder.
  • Superstore‘s Halloween episode sounds genuinely fun as there’s a costume contest, Glenn battles a cart machine, and Garrett takes on a novelty Halloween song. It’s on NBC.
  • Let’s end it with the show title we’re shocked we never noticed before. It’s How Far Is Tattoo Far? and today it tests friendships between sisters and besties. We’ll give you three guesses what channel it’s on, and they better all be MTV.

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