What to Watch: 10/22/2018

Do people ever complain about Halloween season starting too soon? Nine days to go and at least half, if not three fourths, of our recommendations have some sort of horror (and if you add singing disasters, we could go for all four).

A President Show Documentary: The Fall Of Trump [Comedy, 11p]
It’s another kind of Halloween freakshow in the form of, maybe, wishful thinking (or a portal to a brighter future?). Anthony Atamanuik returns with his better-than-Baldwin Trump for a very special episode of The President Show. It’s been too long — both since we’ve had an episode of this very funny program and just in general with this never-ending sideshow we call our 45th POTUS.

The Voice [NBC, 8p]
I keep watching this, so I guess it’s still my pick. The battles are fun and not entirely predictable. I think secretly I just wish I could have a song battle of my own. Not on a stage, just in real life. What if that was how we actually solved problems?

POV [PBS, 10p]
Three “comfort women,” kidnapped from their homes during World War II and forced into slavery by the Imperial Japanese Army reflect on their experiences.

Eli Roth’s History Of Horror [AMC, 10p]
Eli Roth continues to explore the history of horror. This week’s episode centers on the slasher film. Micheal Meyers, Freddy, Jason and maybe even Chucky will probably make an appearance.



  • The DC D-Team returns for a fourth season of DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow on, where else, the C to the double U. All time anachronisms are fixed, so what are the squad goals now?
  • Call him an Aussie lawyer House … well, don’t call him that because he’s so rakish. Cleaver Greene returns with moves so rakish, his show’s called Rake. Its fifth series drops on Acorn TV today.
  • We and our Arrow. Straighter than narrow. On the C Double. They’re searching for Diaz. The obscure and outdated reference (parooody?) breaks down there.
  • T.I. gives Tiny whatever she likes (wait, even that song’s 11 years old?), and we’re there to watch as they expand the hustle from just family to include friends on T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family HustleOn VH1.
  • On the more serious side, HBO examines stories of kidnapped girls with their latest hard-hitting documentary Stolen Daughters: Kidnapped By Boko Haram.

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