What to Watch: 10/18/2018

You can watch all three of our recommendations and be in bed by nine. Now let’s cut to Cloud 9’s Jonah clearly mansplaining to a neuroscientist, because 2018.

The Good Place [NBC, 8:30p]
The gang explores the three branches of ethical thought…after Michael explains what that portal was.

Superstore [NBC, 8p]
“Toxic workplace” is kind of this show’s brand, but even by Cloud 9 standards, this is bad. We’re flush in the after-effects of last season’s finale when Jonah and Amy emphatically answered rom-com’s existential question with a resounding “they will” in the form of a makeout session transmitted by breakroom camera for all to see. Jonah and Amy are back to work and openly hostile to hide their relationship from co-workers, co-workers who include Jonah’s ex. Awkwardness will ensue, and isn’t that why we love this little show.

VICE News Tonight [HBO, 7:30p]
It’s been one of the newsiest few weeks from the standpoint of news, so it’s good that we have the Vice News Tonight team to help dissect it all. Fresh perspectives and first hand stories you won’t see anywhere else. News!



  • The contents of a mysterious apartment set events into motion in Shondaland’s Station 19.
  • Murphy Brown goes to Buffalo for political discussion, so we’re sure Jason feels some kind of way about that (and it’s not just the expression: we’re honestly not sure). On CBSssssss.

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