What to Watch: 10/17/2018

Changing leaves, prehistoric man, and a return to Murder House…

American Horror Story: Apocalypse [FX, 10p]
As this season of AHS is wont to do, this week’s episode has us revisiting a past season. Tonight we return to first season’s Murder House. You’ve been warned.

Neanderthal [PBS, 10p]
Science uses modern technology to resurrect Early Man on this new PBS mini-docu-series.

Autumnwatch New England [PBS, 8p]
Premiering tonight, this series “celebrates the natural phenomenon of the American Fall.” Leafers! That crisp autumn smell! Apples! All the things that inspire us to dig out our flannel, our Ugs, and get on line for a PSL.



  • CMT focuses on its female side with its CMT Artists Of The Year 2018 awards.
  • A week after Comedy Central’s South Park focused its fake #CancelSouthPark campaign on The Simpsons problem, in the one effective moment of a very confused episode, Parker and Stone aims its satiric wrath at vaping. Cool!
  • On CBS, Criminal Minds goes political, also … sorta … as the BAU investigates strange and grisly packages sent to government officials. Oh, and Reid may or may not get kidnapped and/or tortured again.
  • While we’re on the subject of ridiculously long-running shows, Modern Family finds Haley choosing between two suitors — presumably Dylan and someone else. We haven’t watched the ABC door-slamming tentpole in awhile.

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