What to Watch: 10/16/2018

There’s a lot coming back, including the somewhat quiet, and very unlikely, return of the Conner family without its Ambien-popping, racist-tweeting, one-time lead actor, as well as a preview of one of TV’s most underrated quirky anthologies (of sorts) which somehow sneaked itself a second season.

The Conners [ABC, 8p]
It’s the “Series premiere,” but you know this show already: It’s Roseanne Without Roseanne. The Conners–Dan, Darlene, et. al. face life in Langford with Roseanne, who has maybe died from a drug overdose, or maybe said, “Bye, losers!” and pursued the creative life she had longed for fwhen Roseanne first aired and she was a working mother of three kids with dreams, aspirations, and no positive feelings toward Trump. Roseanne Minus Roseanne is what we wished the reboot had been all along, so here’s hoping we held our collective breath for something.

Loudermilk [Audience, 10p]
Featuring Office Space‘s Ron Livingston, MadTV‘s Will Sasso and veteran stand-up Brian Regan recurring in a rare acting role, and created by the Peter half of the There’s Something About Mary Farrelly Brothers, I’m shocked we totally slept on the first season of Loudermilk. That could have something to do with its airing on the waaaaay left of the dial Audience Network. I’m also a bit bummed at how old my own references are making me feel.

The Gifted [Fox, 8p]
Thunderbird, Blink and Exlipse try to convince Wire to help them. The group learns that the Inner Circle is going to raid a mutant detention center…DRAMA!



  • Junior has come abruptly home from college and declared 2018-19 a “Gap Year” and you can imagine how that’s going down with his Black-ish parents on the fifth season premiere on ABC.
  • Also on ABC, it’s the debut of their latest family comedy, The Kids Are Alright with the eldest son leaving the seminary to his parents’ dismay (the network has a type)
  • It’s a busy night for the network as also returning on ABC (for its second season) is the Jenna Fischer-Oliver Hudson break-up {queeeeeestion mark?} comedy Splitting Up Together. It’s not much, but it’s all it’s got.
  • It’s father-daughter speed-training day at the office as Barry, Nora and The Flash continues on The CW.

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