What to Watch: 10/10/2018

Although it may be against our conventional wisdom, we would seem to be all about The CW right now.

Riverdale [The CW, 8p]
The wet moody kids of Riverdale make their third season debut tonight. Archie has to decide how to spend the last days of summer vacation.

What Lies Beneath [Investigation Discovery, 9p]
Tonight’s episode follows Kimberlyn Scott, who fights for justice when her pregnant daughter, Carly Scott, disappears. (And is founded murdered. It’s the ex-boyfriend. It always is.)

Are You The One? [MTV, 10p]
Can you BELIEVE how long Lewis lead on Asia? I can, boys are stupid. Last week we left off on a crazy cliffhanger. It ended in the middle of the match up ceremony! Are Cali and Thomas a perfect match? Are Kayla and Cam a perfect match? It’s not looking good for the group.



  • The latest step towards Greg Berlanti’s total television dominance is All American, it’s about an inner city high school football star finding his prep schools legs, and it starts tonight on, where else, The CW.
  • We’re always suckers for Criminal Minds cold cases, and in this case it’s 20-year old mummies in a basement. And probably Reid gets captured or drugged or garroted or something.
  • The new Single Parents just sounds twisted as the apparent future serial killer kids show no emotions for the death of their guinea pig.
  • Finally, after a flashback to how the witches spent their apocalypse and a trip to one witch’s hilarious personal hell, we set up for the battle of witches v. warlocks on American Horror Story. All signs point to another flashback-heavy episode, this time, Mr. Langdon-centric.

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