My mom reviews “Murphy Brown”

We’re at it again, with another review from my Mom. This week it’s Thursday’s episode of Murphy Brown, a revival my parents have committed to.

(This is good, because Murphy Brown is on CBS, and I work until 10 p.m. on Thursdays, so it’s not like I can watch it Friday morning on Hulu.)

Oh, how I do love having Murphy Brown back.

I could do without any Republican jokes as I do not find real life with Republicans to be amusing. Miles, the producer, sometimes has dreams about Sarah Huckabee Sanders—and good Lord, that is just not one bit plausible in the real world!

Murphy was banned from the White House press room back-in-the-day so she donned a brown wig to try to worm her way back in, illegally. This episode was worth watching just to see and hear her ask Sarah Huckabee why she lies. In the press room of the White House, Murphy has things to say about locking up children of detainees. an aside, her fake name, Cosette, was misunderstood her son Avery as culotte, which Murphy corrected as “a French word for really ugly pants.” These are now called crop pants. (Ed note: Those are capris.)

It is worth mentioning that Emily Gilmore‘s constant hiring of new maids was preceded on TV by Murphy Brown’s problem with executive assistants.

There was a joke by my beloved Tyne Daly, who portrays Phyllis, about The Wall; she was hiring a DREAMer of Mexican descent: “Serving people does not come naturally to me.” Serving does not come naturally to her—not as much as it did to her brother, Phil (played by Pat Corley), of Phil’s Bar, who has since died. Tyne Daly has never been much of a server in any of her shows.

She is hiring a college-aged male, Miguel, and she wants to know how she can rely on him or is he going to run off like his peers. He says he needs the money, even though he has a scholarship: he has to buy books, eat, etc. She says something about oh, not paying for the wall. It was a very bad joke because she says, she might not be against it, but does not want to pay for it—I think she is joking—his response is that “they can climb over it anyway.” She does not want to pay for The Wall. It was not just The Wall, it was a whole list of things he might need or not need money for. You can maybe google the lines?

(Ed note: I found no joke in the Vulture recap, but a lot of disdain for marrying ketchup, which I am disappointed was not mentioned, Mom.)

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