Box Office Weekend: Friday, October 5th, 2018

Night School took the box office last weekend. Will Smallfoot catch up, or will Bradley Cooper’s Oscar bait take the crown? Trailers, below the fold!

Venom is a movie based on the Marvel property, but not directly related to Spider-man. It’s a direct challenge from the world because I thought I’d see Tom Hardy in anything (and I paid to see Legend!) and feel the same about Riz Ahmed (heeeeey) but this movie does not look good, and the buzz is terrible.

Monsters and Men stars Anthony Ramos as a man who records a police officer (John David Washington) when he shoots a black motorist.

LoveYatri is a Hindi-language romance film. Two strangers fall in love during Navratri. Besotted, he travels to the U.K. to win her love. (And it’s apparently a strange, perilous journey. Ah, love!)

Trouble stars Anjelica Houston as Maggie, a woman who lives on the property of her estranged brother. Her nephew, played by Bill Pullman, runs into…trouble…when he saunters into her line of sight.

Heavy Trip is a Finnish comedy. A young man seeking fame follows (“leads”) a black metal band. There’s grave robbing, festivals, probably some occult worship… you know, the usual.

A Star is Born …That’s right, they made a fourth one of these. Bradley Cooper stars. He wrote and directed the drama, too, one wherein a washed up star (in this case, country, but sometimes it’s slapstick comedy!) discovers a young woman, nurtures her talent, rockets her into stardom, and then almost destroys her career because his love (alcoholism!) is too much. When she realizes he is going to give it all up for their marriage he kills himself, and she has a comeback concert in his honor.

Did I spoil it? There’s a lot of Oscar buzz.

Knuckleball is a horror film. A young boy is plunged into terror when his grandfather suddenly dies.

Studio 54 is a documentary about the ‘70s nightclub. It promises “unprecedented access” to co-founder Ian Schrager.

The Happy Prince follows the last days of Oscar Wilde; the film is directed and stars Rupert Everett. Colin Firth also stars.

Followed by this film on Thursday, October 11th, 2018:

MFKZ is a Japanese-animated adaptation of a “cool, hip” French comic series. A young man’s migraines lead him to realize he is half man, “half Macho.”

As for Netflix releases…

Netflix released Joe Rogan: Strange Times and MeatEater, on Tuesday, October 2nd:

And Creeped Out on October 4, which didn’t have a trailer at press time. Trailers were also unavailable for Empire Games, Super Monsters Save Halloween, Super Monsters Season 2, and Terrace House: Opening New Doors: Part 4.

Today Netflix has the following titles streaming:

Big Mouth, Season 2

Dancing Queen


Little Things, Seasons 1 and 2


Private Life

The Rise of Phoenixes, streaming every Friday

YG Future Strategy Office

Later this week, we’ll stream…

Mo Amer: The Vagabond

Salt Fat Acid Heat

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