What to Watch: 09/28/2018

It’s a big Friday night for veteran comedians as we have two debuts and one season premiere by six comedy legends who have been receiving AARP mags for a long, long time.

Tracey Ullman’s Show [HBO, 12a]
It’s some more midnight madness (third season premiere) from the UK comic known for decades for her energized character work. She’s come a long way since she first musically broke our heart in 17 places.

Wynonna Earp [Syfy, 9p]
SYFY is here to give me a HEART ATTACK and is airing the final two episodes of the season in one night! This probably means that way too much is going to happen at once.

Truth And Lies: Jonestown, Paradise Lost [ABC, 8p]
Forty years after the mass murder at Jonestown, ABC promises new details through interviews with survivors — including his two sons.



  • The cast looks amazing (including Martin Mull and Vicky Lawrence); the trailer looks dreadful. Hopefully, the former element (and the fact it’s from the generally hilarious Charlie Day) prevails. The Cool Kids debuts tonight on Fox.
  • Also on Fox, people who think pwning “libtard” is the pinnacle of comedy rejoice as comic grunter Tim Allen returns after a year in limbo with that show.

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