What to Watch: 09/26/2018

It’s a modern new age feelgoodery … and that means a lot of shows debuting which oftentimes thrive on their ability to make viewers feel bad. Yesterday, beloved sobfest This Is Us came back. Today, the new TIU debuts, as does a promising new semi-sit com starring SNL alumnus Taran Killam as an unmarried dad. In returning shows, Sunny‘s title is “Time’s Up For The Gang” and considering most episodes likely contain a MeToo moment, this could be perfectly timely or go horribly wrong — which is kind of a microcosm of the show anyway.

Single Parents [ABC, 9:30p]
Taran Killam, a master of Everyman characters who are some level of absurd, plays it relatively straight as a father of a 7-year-old struggling to raise her by himself. In order to cope he joins up with a group of other, well, single parents (it’s really quite the simply named show) including famous tall man Brad Garrett and Leighton Meester. Show creator Liz Meriweather is easily best known for New Girl, and considering it started off as an apparent vehicle for a familiar face, but evolved into one of the best ensemble comedies on television, the future bodes well for this show about Killam finding his group.

A Million Little Things [ABC, 10p]
ABC is gunning for This Is Us prestige with this ensemble drama about four straight couples who are downright shook when their friend dies. Ooh, yes, suicide–the path to Emmys.

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia [FXX, 10p]
The gang is forced to go to a sexual harassment seminar after Paddy’s is put on a list of bars hostile to women. Times up guys.

Are You The One? [MTV, 10p]
Watch some cringe worthy people get drunk and fall into terrible relationship cycles. We haven’t had any no match couples yet this season, mostly because the people who go into the truth booth are totally random and we can’t confirm the matches we want! This new season made some changes that are truly awful and I’m mad that I’m still watching. But I am, still watching.



  • No show can call for its own cancellation quite like South Park. Comedy Central’s longest running show opens its 22nd season with Cartman failing a math test while Sharon tries to manage her emotions with Randy’s help.
  • Another TV titan comes back — in this case for its 10th season on ABC — and Modern Family celebrates with a parade involving (of course) the entire blended family, reaching back to July 4th for its purpose.
  • The one-two punch of fictional celebrity drama on Fox returns with the 5th and 3rd season premieres respectfully of Empire and Star.
  • Our editor Brad’s favorite group of shows — the Dick Wolf Chicago suite — returns to NBC today. There’s Chicago FireChicago Med, and Chicago P.D.
  • The 37th season of people trying to get by in theoretically deadly environments for better — or more often worse — begins tonight on, where else, CBS, continuing to give Jeff Probst a reason to exist. Survivor!
  • Completing the ABC line-up of returning sitcoms, it’s the ’80s nostalgia-in-a-blender of The Goldbergs and the underrated Katy Mixon-centric American Housewife.


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