My parents review the new “Magnum P.I.”


Jason and I have longed for the opportunity to publish pop culture criticism from my parents. Faithful viewers of primetime TV and of sharp wit and thoughtful commentary, they both have feedback regarding the Golden Age of television (even if they recorded this week’s returns of Sheldon and The Big Bang Theory). 

My mother filed an informal review regarding the pilot for CBS’s Magnum P.I. last night, which they no doubt watched not just because it was a pilot on CBS, but because the Magnum franchise has a special place in our hearts. My early childhood contains warm memories of watching the previous night’s recording of Magnum with my dad while eating lunch after preschool. 

Only time will tell if LaVonne Hill provides her astute criticism in the future. Read on for her review!

I am here to tell you the new Magnum, portrayed by Jay Hernandez, is no Tom Selleck. (I am not sure why we had to reboot the show.) It is a cross between NCIS and Hawaii Five-0.

I was totally repulsed by the brief scene of torture in a flashback.  Given the political climate, I see NO reason why we have to see any torture on TV at all–and Dad asked that too–when we see torture on television (NCIS, CSIHawaii Five-0, etc.).

I really like the pink plaid shirt Rick is wearing throughout the episode.

Dad was disappointed Magnum was beaten: “First they wrecked the car and then they beat him up. In the old one, occasionally he wrecked the car, but rarely was badly beaten. ” Jesus, the car was just totally WRECKED.

Dad “enjoyed” Magnum. He gives it a B. I would have given it a C, but Dad enjoyed it, so I give it a B-.

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