What to Watch: 09/25/2018

Cue stirring music, get yr Kleeneex ready, and get set for Dick Wolf’s trademark “clunk clunk.” The autumnal parade of 2018 is well underway and the balloons are starting to pass the proverbial Central Park.

Mr. Inbetween [FX, 11p]
While it sounds like Australian Barry (minus the laughs), this gritty drama exploring a reluctant hit man is getting strong buzz, and the trailer is darkly promising. It based off the 2005 movie, The Magician, and both were created by and star Scott Ryan.

New Amsterdam [NBC, 10p]
Ryan Eggold stars as a doctor who takes over “America’s oldest hospital” and plans to make the old, crumbling shitshow clean and up-to-date while squashing bureaucracy from within. Because they’re patients! Not paychecks!

This Is Us [NBC, 9p]
It feels like Christmas morning! Get the tissue and the wine ready to delve back into the lives of the Big 3. Will Kevin finally find someone to settle down with? Will Deja finally make a home with Randall and co? We’ll even get a glimpse of Jack’s little brother and how their relationship affected him. I just cannot wait to cry!

The Gifted [Fox, 8p]
Fox’s X-men show is back for a second season. Mutants on the run… a distrusting and hostile government and a hateful public. Our heroes may have the deck stacked against them, but will hacker Wire be able to help eclipse and Caitlin?

The Voice [NBC, 8p]
Didn’t get your fill last night? Tune in to the blind auditions day two!



  • American Pie‘s Stifler‘s Mom’s Son would not be our first choice to replace Clayne Crawford, who went full-Murtaugh and alienated the cast of Fox’s Lethal Weapon, but Matthew Lillard has had a decent career third act, so open mind and all.
  • Clunk clunk! Dick Wolf is at it again, and this time we’re back in NYC but going federal with FBI. It’s on CBS and stars DW-vet Jeremy Sisto, Sela Ward, and others.
  • The minds that brought you Sons of Anarchy bring us the story of another motorcycle club, Mayans M.C., who exist in the same universe (so keep an eye out for potential crossovers). While we have it buried in this feature on a busy day, many of our editors are very excited about it (consider it Navani’s second pick).
  • “you know, NCIS, sometimes he goes to L.A., sometimes he goes to New Orleans” – Bojack Horseman. If, unlike a certain fictional talking B-list horse, these shows are your jam, NCIS and NCIS: New Orleans return tonight.

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