What to Watch: 09/24/2018

We’re kicking off the crowd pleasers phase of the Fall line-up, as the airwaves are filled with new and returning doctors, lawyers, cops, and detectives — including tonight’s re-invention of the ’80s’ premier private eye. However, we’re leading off with the somewhat familiar tale of a plane that goes off course, not just in the air but through time.

Manifest [NBC, 10p]
The season premiere covers what happens when a plane lands after disappearing five years previously. It’s like Noah Hawley’s Before the Fall meets Contact (I hope) meets Lost.

The Voice [NBC, 8p]
It’s that time of year again. Really the only part of this show that I come back for each season. Blind auditions start tonight!

Better Call Saul [AMC, 9p]
Jimmy puts everything he’s got into righting a wrong and Kim puts everything into a case. Oh and Mike’s team blows off some steam. S’all good man.

Shifting Gears with Aaron Kaufman [Discovery, 9p]
This is not my usual sort of show, and while I love to drive, I know just about zip about cars, and care only slightly more. I even had to look up Aaron Kaufman to see who this elegantly bearded lead dude was. However, the concept of his show’s second season is compelling, as the ace mechanic dips his toes into the unfamiliar world of rally car racing.



  • The Hawaii-cool detective show gets a reboot, but without the same level stache game #NotOurMagnum. However, Higgins is now a woman and the Rick casting is not half bad, so maybe there’s some hope. Magnum P.I. debuts tonight on CBS.
  • Normally, we might not observe the return of CBS’ behemoth “nerd”fest The Big Bang Theory, but it is its final season, and Adult Sheldon’s Blossom-burn about longshoremen in the ads is pretty tight.
  • The Resident tries to mood match 9-1-1 for second season premieres — answering the latter’s earthquake with its own blackout. It’s on FOX.
  • Back to CBS, Bull tries to come back from his first heart attack on the inscrutable show’s third season opener.

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