What to Watch: 09/18/2018

Come for the melancholy prestige TV, but stay for the Dave Navarro.

Sorry For Your Loss [Facebook Watch]
The excellent Elizabeth Olsen stars as a grieving widow in this Facebook Watch five-parter which is earning considerable buzz. Tony Award-winning actress Janet McTeer also features.

The Great American Read [PBS, 8p]
Tonight’s books examine, “Who Am I?” by looking at beloved books that “help people understand their own identities and find their place in the world.”

Ink Master [Spike, 10p]
Watch tattoo artists create regrettable designs on human canvas. These are talented artists, but I guarantee there will be something that makes you cringe.



  • Former Mr. Barr and star of Soul Plane Tom Arnold looks further into fabled The Apprentice tapes featuring POTUS 45 which he has been teasing since the time it would have mattered. Arnold vs. Trump — who to root for? (Arnold, definitely Arnold). The Hunt For The Trump Tapes with Tom Arnold airs tonight on Viceland.
  • Fellow non-Trump fan D.L. Hughley drops his latest stand-up special, D.L. Hughley: Contrarian on Netflix today.
  • NBC essentially honors itself, airing The Paley Center Salutes This Is Us, the venerable television museum’s celebration of its medium’s greatest running sobfest.

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