What to Watch: 09/16/2018


Warriors Of Liberty City [Starz, 8p]
While Lebron James is at the helm of this six-part documentary, the topic is football not basketball, and more specifically, The Warriors of Liberty City, a famed youth football organization. Considering the hold the sport has on the nation, even for some, like me, who are horrified by the ravages of football, this should be a fascinating study of some of its youngest stars.

Fear The Walking Dead [AMC, 10p]
Alicia makes good on a promise to Charlie as the group gets closer to a reunion following the storm. Oh and zombies do some stuff.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians [E!, 9p]
Hear me out. Khloe and Kim haven’t had their kids yet (Kim’s getting ready, Khloe is seeking a godmother), and this is all old hat in consideration of the gossip cycle and Kylie’s birth video (what, didn’t everyone watch that?)…but I’m here to Kourtney. She’s “getting ready to make her dancing debut in a flash mob.” Which is so quaint, so outdated, so left field that I think we can have a good-hearted laugh (at her expense) while she whines, stresses, and gets anxious for Ryan Seacrest’s crew for a flash mob.



  • Alex Wagner and John Heilmann return for Showtime’s in-depth examination of Trump, the mid-term machinations, and all the inside baseball-y stuff of politics, The Circus. We suspect they might have new material {cough: Manafort}.
  • Also on Showtime, the Gallagher clan’s nonsense continues unabated, but we’re not complaining, on the latest Shameless.
  • Issa Rae has a pretty cool vocal turn this season as Bojack Horseman’s erstwhile therapist. Of course, she’s even better on her own HBO show, Insecure, on which her project becomes more complicated (when does it not?) while her dating blind self tries to lead the equally romance blind Molly to relationship bliss. We see problems!
  • Speaking of neurotics, one of the tribal elders of frantic comedy, Jim Carrey, returned to TV with Kidding last week. On its second episode, he tries to change the show-within-the-show and we know how well that generally goes. We suspect similar results.

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