What to Watch: 09/14/2018

After a week of surprising September silence from the traditional channels, Friday brings an absurd buffet of streaming treats, as we have the return of one of the most heralded programs on Netflix (along with another that’s swiftly on its way to giving that show company), plus an Amazon premiere featuring two quirky, yet lovable ex-SNLers.

Bojack Horseman [Netflix]
It’s amazing that an animated tv show can have better examinations of the human condition than most live action dramas but the best animated show on the small (or smaller) screen is back to show lesser shows how it is done! Existential angst abounds!

Forever [Amazon Prime]
Forever premieres on Amazon today, and though most of its premise is a secret (NYT calls it a “thrilling story about boring love”), it promises to be both funny and enjoyable. Co-created by Alan Yang (Master of None) and starring Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen. Wherever it takes us, we’ll follow.

American Vandal [Netflix]
Never thought, I’d be recommending a show that is moving from revolving around dicks in season 1 to poop in season 2, but this faux-documentary series pulled off its vulgar high school take on dark true crime dramas like The Jinx so flawlessly, it may be my most awaited show this fall season. Thankfully, the creators decided against the Ryan Murphy-esque anthology and kept our two adorably dorky amateur auteur leads.

Wynonna Earp [Syfy, 9p]
It’s all happening! Last week we finally discovered what Bulshar has been looking for and it looks like he’s already found it. What does Bulshar want with the Garden of Eden? And why is his powerful ring stuck on Waverly’s hand? Did Wynonna and Doc really make up that quickly? I’m sure tonight at least one of these questions will be answered, but definitely not all of them.



  • NOOOOOORM! We’re sure we’re the first to think of doing that for this program (and a few of us wish it was for a fictional George Wendt talk show), but one of the crankiest men in television returns with a talk show — The Norm MacDonald Show on HBO. On one hand, we’re still a bit peeved at them for axing Michelle Wolf and Joel McHale for one of comedy’s most famous liberal bashers, but on the other hand, unlike his fellow rightward leaning ex-Weekend Update-r Dennis Miller, he can be very funny. And is he trolling McHale by featuring Chevy Chase in an early episode.
  • Sean Penn drops in on Peak TV as the star of The First, a Hulu show about a future endeavor to Mars.


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