What to Watch: 09/12/2018

Ryan Murphy’s (and Brad Falchuk’s) venerable, yet ridiculous frightfest anthology returns, “The Gang,” now Mindy-less, gets back to what it Dennis (ugh, I meant to say “does,” stupid doll that Mac’s definitely having sex with) best, while chefs who are masters do the same.

American Horror Story: Apocalypse [FX, 10p]
Why do I do this to myself? AHS boasts a terrific repertory cast, and is always visually stunning, but it’s always too much, and by episode 5 or so, I’m out. I don’t know that I’ve ever fully watched a season, but I’ve never not begun. Anyway, it’s back, and this time Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, et al, are battling the ultimate scare, doomsday! If nothing else, watch it for Billy as warm-up to when he gets back on the street.

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia[FXX, 10p]
Dee hires an escape room expert to come to Dennis and Mac’s apartment to make them more efficient. What could possibly go wrong?

Masterchef [FOX, 8p]
Top five! It’s so so close to the finale. Last week we lost Farhan, which was such a shock! Everyone is so good at this point that any little mishap can send a someone home. Tonight the home cooks are facing a skills test with beef. If it sounds easy, it probably won’t be.

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