Box Office Weekend: Friday, August 17, 2018

Welcome to your weekly trailer round-up. Feeling the heat? There’s an ice age drama about a kid and his dog (sort of). Proud of your MAGA hat? There’s some patriotic, probably problemetic face with Mark Wahlberg in it. Or gear up for the US Open with a McEnroe doc!

Songwriter is a documentary about Ed Sheeran. It follows the recording process of his album Divide.

Alpha stars Kodi Smit-McPhee as a kid who gets lost on a hunt for his “elite tribe” and “begrudgingly” trains a “long wolf” to assist him in survival. The film is set 2,000 years in the past.

Mile 22 stars Mark Wahlberg as a CIA agent who has to transport “international intelligence” (John Malkovich? a woman? probably a woman) 22 miles. From the same director who made critically-acclaimed films Lone Survivor, Deepwater Horizon, Patriot’s Day (that’s the one about the Boston bombing), Battleship, and Hancock.

Minding the Gap is a Hulu Original documentary from Bing Liu, who explores the gap between childhood and adulthood via the lives of his Rockford, Illinois skateboarding buds. You should totally see this. I’ll be quietly crying in the back, it’s cool.

We The Animals is a drama about three Puerto Rican-white boys growing up in a semi-dysfunctional home in 1980s upstate New York. It is based on the Justin Torres novel.

Memoir of War, based on Marguerite Duras’s 1985 memoir The War, stars Mélanie Thierry as a woman desperate for news about her husband who has been imprisoned in the Dachau camp. Hoping to find him, she takes on a flirtatious relationship with a Nazi collaborator, despite her work as a member of the Resistance.

Blaze is an imagined biopic of country singer Blaze Foley, who destroyed his burgeoning career with alcoholism. God, it’s hard to be a man. Directed by Ethan Hawke and starring Alia Shawkat.

The Wife stars Christian Slater, Elizabeth McGovern, Glenn Close, Harry Lloyd, Jonathan Pryce, and Max Irons. Close is the longtime wife of novelist who has been awarded a Pulitzer. After his win, she begins to consider her sacrifices and his betrayals. Based on the Meg Wolitzer novel.

Billionaire Boys Club is a drama about spoiled young men in the ’80s who turned to murder when their Ponzi scheme ran out of money. Starring Ansel Elgort, Taron Egerton, Jeremy Irvine, and Emma Roberts, of course. Kevin Spacey is the murder victim, I guess because that might be more satisfying than having Christopher Plummer stand in? For anyone who wasn’t nauseated by Wolf of Wall Street.

The same story was told in 1987 on NBC as a miniseries, starring Judd Nelson. Nelson will play Elgort’s father in this film.

Juliet, Naked is a romantic comedy based on the Nick Hornby novel. Rose Byrne stars as the long-suffering girlfriend of an obscure musician’s superfan (Chris O’Dowd). As it happens, she falls in love with the musician, possibly via long-distance correspondence. So like a more charming You’ve Got Mail?

Coming out Wednesday, August 22nd:

John McEnroe: In The Realm Of Perfection is a documentary about tennis star John McEnroe.

Out today on Netflix:

Disenchantment is an animated series from Matt Groening (The Simpsons). Abbi Jacobson is a hard-drinking princess. Her companions are voiced by Eric Andre and Nat Faxon.

Magic for Humans, “good-natured grown-up laughs.” Sure.

Pinky Malinky — This is a video from Nickelodeon. The series was developed for Nickelodeon but delayed (for almost a decade) before moving to Netflix (who hasn’t provided a trailer as of press time).

Speaking of no trailers at press time, The Motive, Ultraviolet, and The Investigator: A British Crime Story (season two), were without trailers at press time.

Stay Here

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before stars Lana Condor are a “hopelessly romantic” teen who writes letters to five of her crushes. Her life is thrown into (sweet, charming) chaos when the recipients mistakenly receive their letters. Based on the 2014 teen novel. I’m down!

Out Thursday, August 23:


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