What to Watch: 07/16/2018

Screen Scholars goes meta-supernova today as we recommend both the reigning champion of reality dating and a show-within-a-show scripted drama that goes behind-the-scenes of a reality dating show.


UnReal [Hulu]
Hulu, it’s not that we are unappreciative, but come on. WE’RE NOT READY! After Lifetime gave the red rose to perhaps the most intense (and one of the best scripted) programs on television, the streaming service jumped in, and shocks us all by dropping the fourth (and final) season of the twisted adventures of reluctant sociopath Rachel and leaned-in sociopath Quinn as they try to put on another season of its version of The Bachelor(ette) “Everlasting.” Maybe this year they’ll manage not to get anyone killed for once.

The Bachelorette [ABC, 8p]
It’s hometowns tonight! Time to meet the family. This will be a game changer for all of them. Looks like a lot of skeptical moms.

Salvation [CBS, 9p]
That damn pesky asteroid is still heading toward earth. Grace goes on a dangerous mission as Liam and Darius’ relationship is tested. Something tells me they got what it takes to save the world.

Ridiculous Cakes [Food Network, 10p]
The next hour includes a Big Foot cake, and a four-foot tall cake celebrating Shark Week.



  • Ever-manic and unpredictable as a stand-up comic, masterful as an actor in both drama and comedy, yet apparently never sated in his life, Robin Williams took his own life four years ago. HBO’s latest documentary, Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind, examines the legend’s four decades in entertainment.
  • A more measured comic mind, Keenan-Michael Key shows off the improv chops that won him a role on both Mad TV and the fake SNL in the delightful Mike Birbiglia film Don’t Think Twice, as he makes his latest visit to the long-running Whose Line Is It Anyway? on The CW.
  • Cigarette-smoking men bedevil the Johnny Lee Miller version of Sherlock Holmes as Elementary continues to draw the crowds for CBS.

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