What to Watch: 07/15/2018

It’s a GoofyWhiteGuyPalooza as two smirky comedians return to television, both with (relatively) new shows, but each (presumably) in familiar roles. We had to insert that parenthetical for both as in Joel’s McHale’s case, his first season was earlier this year, and in rare-for-Netflix fashion, a weekly show. His insouciant clip show comes back for what is officially a second season today with the promise of a dump of five new episodes (which turned out to be six … yay, us!). As for Sasha Baron Cohen, he has been secretive about his new program, but … c’mon … we kinda know.


The Joel McHale Show With Joel McHale [Netflix]
If there was one upside to the general craptitude of his sitcom The Great Outdoors (a show you think about so little, you didn’t even realize that’s not its correct title … and, wait, wrong sarcastic comic’s bit), it’s that it disappeared swiftly — leaving the clip-happy comedian more time for his original Soup-y calling. His Netflix show thrived as an episodic weekly, but now let’s see how it works as a binge.

Pose [FX, 8p]
Tonight, Blanca has to face the reality of Lil Papi’s drug dealing. What kind of mother is she going to be? Meanwhile, Electra and the house of abundance struggle with eviction.

Preacher [AMC, 9p]
Cassidy has been outed as a vampire and is being forced by Jesse to fight for his life? Jesse has to have something up his sleeve, right?



  • Can we even satire anymore? It’s hard to see how, but if anyone can pull off a new program to skewer these absurd times — it miiiiight be Sasha Baron Cohen. Plus, he’s due, as his last few projects have not lit up the world, even without the SBC-esque real man in the White House. In any case, his mysterious new Showtime series debuts tonight and it’s called Who Is America?
  • Showtime’s doubling down on its Trump parody as the animated series Our Cartoon President also returns tonight. So far, it’s struggled to improve upon the much-hyped, short-lived That’s My Bush.
  • We’d let you know that Fox’s Ghosted is still lame-ducking it as it spirits out its final episodes, and that it’s pretty good, but that just makes Jason sad.
  • Nat Geo Wild brings back something called Shark Vs. Tuna, and while it sounds like one of those silly Syfy, we aren’t that lucky. It’s more Deadly Catch than Sharknado, and we only mention any of these things to highlight the fact that thespian shark-chainsawer Ian Ziering is appearing on ABC’s Game Night schedule — specifically on The 100,000 Pyramid. Meanwhile, over on Celebrity Family Feud, Yvette Nicole Brown appears, and as she is a soul who throws her heart into everything she does (and the natural replacement host for Talking Dead), that’s worth watching too.
  • And we’d end it there, with bookend stars of Community (and Jeff/Shirley episodes tend to be some of the best), but we’d be remiss if we didn’t remind y’all this is another viewing night for one of the grandest shows currently airing. It’s Claws night, people! (on

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