What to Watch: 07/08/2018

If you truly enjoyed shows about untruths which were neither big nor little but both BIG and LITTLE, have we got the show for you.

Sharp Objects [HBO, 9p]
Based on the Gillian Flynn novel, it stars Amy Adams and Patricia Clarkson, and hails from the same director as Big Little Lies (Jean-Marc Vallée). Shiver. Adams is a journalist investigating the disappearance of teenage girls in her small hometown. Clarkson is her creepy, abusive mother.

Preacher [AMC, 10p]
Tulip and Cassidy hatch a plan to get out of Angelville and Jesse tries to work off some debt to Grandma. Nothing like family to drive a man crazy.

Pose [FX, 9p]
Tonight we continue to wade deeper into the AIDS crisis and face harsh realities about what it means to be HIV positive in the 1980s. Also, Angel and the wife of the white man who fetishizes/finances her (Stan) talk about the affair.

Evel Live [History, 8p]
Back when the idea of my having children was most possible, I almost was able to convince someone to give a human being the middle name Knievel. While it also might explain WHY I do not have any children to this date, it does mean I have an extra interest in Travis Pastrana’s attempt to recreate the late daredevil’s feats of daring. As with Evel, while we root for Pastrana to make his motorcycle jumps with the greatest of ease, the specter of danger and absurd injury will ever hang in the air.



  • We hate to point you in the direction of a doomed one-season-and-done comedy, but Ghosted, which got the axe from Fox last week, deserved better. Despite employee turnover the size of a failing mall’s Gap Kids with a drunken manager, the supernatural (mostly) bottle series created a small universe of compelling goofballs working for an FBI agency that was literally underground (below a wire hanger sales company). Even in the age of shows getting second and third chances on new venue, this is an any-NBA-team-not-wearing-Golden-State-Warriors-jerseys longshot. We do recommend giving it a shot if you like plucky shows with nothing to lose.
  • A plucky show which acts like it has nothing to lose in spite of quietly earning solid-for-cable ratings, Claws continues its weird meld of drug-runner intensity, Florida flash, and moments of pure TV-nerd meta halfway through its second season. Following a heartbreaking concept episode mostly in the mind of Quiet Ann, we see the fallout of her total breakdown and her policewoman ex (and possibly ex ex)’s capture of the syndicate’s star pharmacist. If you haven’t seen, your reaction to tonight’s episode title may give a solid indication as to whether you’ll dig this show.
  • There’s certainly enough drama of all stripes to get you through Sunday viewing — including new episodes of Endeavour and The Tunnel on PBS, and Succession on HBO — but we’re gonna close this feature out today with our genuine gasp that the most perfectly ID Network show title, American Monster, returns this evening.

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