What to Watch: 07/02/2018

Our Monday picks mostly revolve around reality, if a heightened version of it.

POV [PBS, 10p]
Come for the flames, stay for the stunning cinematography and miscellaneous knowledge about the human effort that goes into making fireworks as Brimstone & Glory, a documentary about Mexico’s pyrotechnic festival, makes its TV debut as part of the POV series.

Cultureshock [A&E, 9p]
This new documentary series on A&E focuses on the rise and fall of pop culture icons and movements. This week focuses on the Osbornes, their reign as America’s favorite reality show family, and the price that fame took on the Ozzy, Sharon and the rest of the family.

Escaping Polygamy [Lifetime, 10p]
My main interest in this is my personal experience when I coincidentally stumbled onto a very weird, seemingly abandoned town in Arizona while on a cross-country trip in 2004. Long story short: that uber-eerie burg turned up in the news a few weeks later, when its primary resident, Reverend Warren Jeffs was arrested on many charges, but essentially for being a creepy cult dude. This docu-series examines, through the eyes of his daughter, his misdeeds and the lingering trauma he bestowed on her and his other “family” members.

The Bachelorette [ABC, 8p]
Tonight Becca and the boys head to Richmond. The boys will be making speeches for Becca’s fictitious political campaign and putting their skills of manipulative language to some good use.



  • It’s Bounce TV’s most watched show to date, it centers around a father-son barbershop reunion, and it’s back for a third season tonight: In The Cut.
  • Plum hits rock bottom on this week’s episode of AMC’s Dietland (and you can talk about that with Aisha Tyler and guests on Unapologetic (which is ironically the one recap show Chris Hardwick was never connected to).
  • What will it take for Darius and Grace to get along? Will it help if the future of the universe is on the line? — we’ll find out on the latest episode of CBS’ sci-fi Salvation.

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