What to Watch: 07/01/2018

At least one editor is digging through the crates today, uncovering the new show by a beloved music historian, while the rest of us revert to our Sunday comforts.

Trunk Fest [AXS, 9:30p]
Eddie Trunk is an East Coast radio legend and host of VH1’s That Metal Show is back with a new series covering the summer rock festival scene. Interviews with artists, tips on making the most out of your festival experience and more!

Pose [FX, 9p]
Last week Pose dived deeper into the AIDS crisis and showed us the experience of being tested and getting results. Damon is negative, but he gave us quite a scare. This week, Blanca reconnects with her siblings as she deals with the death of her mother. Also, I will continuously worry about Angel and her back alley silicon injections.

Claws [TNT, 10p]
Poor Quiet Ann has remained true to her name and suffered in mostly silence as she has had to make frequent sacrifice in her loyalty to Desna and the crew, and based on the stills and promo, it does not portend to get better as they all try to slip out from under the Russians’ thumb.



  • Instinct holds the distinction of being CBS’ thousandth quirky detective procedural, this one starring Alan Cumming as Sgt. Idiosyncrasy. It closes out its inaugural season tonight.
  • The latest Adult Swim oddity is Mostly 4 Millennials, created by decidedly non-millennial Derrick Beckles, co-founder of Vice {shrug} as well as comedian and sometime film artist. Given him, the venue, and Eric Andre’s role as producer, who knows what to expect, but surely something edgy (well, click if you’re curious … we made it about 4 seconds).
  • Blending Bravo’s original intent with what it’s become over the course of nearly four decades is Your Husband Is Cheating On Us, a reality show based on a behind-the-scenes of the JD Lawrence stage play of the same name.
  • It’s hard to keep up with all the various popular iterations of the Bridge and Tunnel programs, but the British adaptation returns for a third and final series, officially titled The Tunnel: Vengeance on PBS.
  • Alliances between friends and sworn rivals headline Power as it returns, already up to a fifth season, on Starz.
  • And it’s Sunday, so we’ve also got new episodes of Shades of BluePreacher and more.

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