What to Watch: 06/29/2018

We’re all in agreement about what we all should be doing tonight. Getcha popcorn (and Terrell Owens/Michael Jackson memes) ready and binge yourself on the second series of Netflix’s re-imagining of a cult-ly popular 1980s women’s wrestling league.

GLOW [Netflix]
GLOW, the second best thing that happened to me last summer (moving was No. 1), is finally back. The gang is a troupe now, with mostly-fledged characters and skits, and they’re filming episodes! (The season finale ended with the filming of their pilot.) I’m so excited I planned, over a week in advance, the crafts that will occupy my fretful fingers while I binge season two.

GLOW [Netflix]
It’s back! Who’s got time for fireworks when Netflix’s binge worthy female wrestling dramedy has 10 new episodes to watch? Will Liberty Belle vanquish Zoya the Destroyer? Will Sam stop fucking up? Watch and see

GLOW [Netflix]
Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch took David McLane’s utterly-1980s, over-the-top flamboyance-fest, the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, created a mostly fictional backstory around its formation, and created even more spectacle — albeit a sort of high drama derived from slow burn character conflict. Its second season promises even more of the same, and that’s great.



  • Above lies a very English screenshot of A Very British Scandal, Stephen Frears’ re-telling of a 1970s political dust-up. It stars Hugh Grant and Ben Whishaw and debuts on Amazon Prime today.
  • Speaking of all things overarchingly British, there’s another new-to-U.S. episode from the Mary Berry/Paul Hollywood years of The Great British Baking Show on PBS, a station that is killing it so much that it has a Breaking Big bio of the fascinating Danai Gurira, the accomplished playwright also known as one of two fearsome warriors: The Walking Dead‘s Michonne and Black Panther‘s Okoye.
  • Continuing this sub-section’s anglophilic theme, it’s Netflix’s six-part YA British import Kiss Me First, a cyber-thriller about a gamer taking on her missing online friend’s personality.
  • This last one isn’t British, but Nailed It! feels like an American twist on something from overseas (although it is actually inspired by a popular domestic website). Comedian Nicole Byer and choclatier Jacques Torres boast the most charming chemistry which elevated the first season of a baking competition premise that could have been as disastrous as the confectionery monstrosities the pair “judge.” It’s back for a second go-around on, where else, Netflix.

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