What to Watch: 06/25/2018

On a second season episode of Netflix’s reboot of Queer Eye (and here’s Fiona’s words on why you need to be watching this show), schlubby (and impossibly sweet) 40-something William gazes at his sad, pre-makeover couch and acknowledges the classic divide between he and his potential fiancee: sci-fi vs. rom-com. Spoiler alert: he proposes to her in his own film, she says yes, and they get a new couch. Well, if you watch the show, it’s not really a spoiler as there’s a formula. It’s a delight, but she or he is always going to say yes, and he’s always going to get a new couch. In any case, long-story-still-long: if you also have that conflict in your home, we have good news for you tonight. We have recs for both. See below!

Salvation [CBS, 9p]
Now that the world knows about the asteroid what will happen? Panic? Riots? And I still think that Amanda is alive. We never saw a body people.

The Bachelorette [ABC, 8p]
The boys and Becca take on Vegas! Who will be lucky in love? Actually, they say that if you’re unlucky in cards you’re lucky in love and vice versa. Will this have any bearing tonight? Who knows.

49th Parallel [TCM, 8p]
Remember what I said yesterday about network shade? Tonight’s drama is about the survivors of a sunken submarine headed for Canada. Pairs well with the grim (and all-male helmed) second season The Handmaid’s Tale.



  • According to the title of the latest episode of AMC’s Dietland, Alicia is “Plum Tuckered” from the final stage of The New Baptist Plan. Her nickname is Plum, by the way.
  • Our current massive reserves of green slime may be challenged as Nickelodeon has revived its beloved-by-some raucous pre-teen game show, Double Dare, whose original champions are now entering their 40s, so certainly it also has some nostalgia cache.
  • NBC’s American Ninja Warrior heads to Philadelphia, so its contestants should look out for batteries, snowballs, Campbell’s soup-crazed McNabbs, and giant green monsters of indeterminate origin operating hot dog guns.
  • Finally, it’s June, so having the debut now of the latest nuptial-related reality show, The Food Network’s Wedding Cake Championship is a bit on-the-nose. It boasts some interesting host casting in the duo of admittedly uber-charming figure skaters Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir.

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