What to Watch: 06/24/2018

One thing for certain this Sunday night, between the BET Awards, the definite liberal bent of all the scripted shows in our recommendations tonight, and the 76-year-old classic film Katherine suggests, there will be a lot of attacks on our feckless leader. And if we’re not being clear how we feel, congressional pages and bullishly raging actors have summed up the Screen Scholars general opinion on the SAD! man behind orange eyes quite neatly.

Preacher [AMC, 10p]
Preacher is back!!! Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy continue their journey to find God. This season we meet Jesse’s family. Let’s just say it won’t be a happy reunion. And you’ll probably never think of the term “animal lover” in the same way again.

Pose [FX, 9p]
Last week we got a glimpse of what Christmas looks like when celebrating with your chosen family. This week we dive deeper into the AIDS crisis, gender reassignment surgery and the fetishization of trans women. This show digs deep while also showing joy and love in the queer community. It is everything I ever wanted from queer content and I honestly feel blessed to have it on the screen.

Claws [TNT, 10p]
Oh, Bryce, we tried so hard to like you even as you went full wankster (“Vanilla Bryce” may be the best TV burn of the year), but not much coming back once you’re caught sleeping with your moms-in-law. This week the gang deals with the fallout of Jenn’s life falling apart as Desna gets more serious with “Dr.”(?) Ruval, unaware of a secret life everyone else seems to know. If you haven’t seen this show, think Breaking Bad amped up with an over-the-top attitude somewhere between Miami Vice and RuPaul’s Drag Race levels, while adding a gleefully disorienting dash of surrealism. And that’s just a starting point — there’s really no particular precedent in TV history, and it doesn’t always work, but man is it addictive!

The Talk Of The Town [TCM, 8p]
TCM is throwing shade (which says something, because TCM is not liberal): tonight’s drama (don’t worry, there’s slapstick, too) is a legal satire about political ethics. It also stars Easy On The Eyes himself, Cary Grant, a political activist who breaks out of jail and takes shelter with an old flame, played by Jean Arthur, who is hanging out in the cottage of a Supreme Court Judge. Pearls clutched, shade recognized, and laughs had.



  • If, like at least one editor here, you’ve been missing the wit and wisdom of Inspector Morse, the fifth series of the prequel Endeavour (a.k.a. Inspector Morse Babies) debuts on PBS tonight.
  • For some reason, The Affair persists on Showtime. It’s not that it’s a bad show, it’s just that like Prison Break, its basic premise kind of stretches its credulity by season four.
  • Showtime follows that up with its foray into 1970s stand-up as sullen Bill gets his chance to rock the mic on I’m Dying Up Here, which is also apparently somehow still a thing.
  • Nicki Minaj and Migos are highlights of the 2018 BET Awards tonight, on, believe it or not, Fox News. Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down…
  • And as John Oliver has taught us that was a prank (albeit of the most weak-ass variety), and that we always forget to give him a shout out as he does some of the most heavy lifting against the President he wanted to give more TV space to about as much as that man likely wanted to have this job in the first place on tonight’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on HBO.
  • Finally, if you can, try to catch Fox’s Ghosted before it inevitably fades away due to never finding its audience (Fox’s scheduling and multiple staff overhauls certainly did not help). Its final few episodes have been a bizarre arc around a mysterious wire, and it’s been a whole lot of fun as it develops the show’s surprisingly large universe for what is essentially a bottle series which takes place in a basement of weirdos.

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