What to Watch: 06/22/2018

Tonight we examine two returning shows that couldn’t be more different, but they’re both definitions of the return of cool in their own particular manner. Side note: the HL’d Luke Cage trailer makes use of one of the best hip-hop intro songs of all time.

Marvel’s Luke Cage [Netflix]
Luke Cage returns! In the aftermath of The Defenders what’s next for our bulletproof hero? Dealing with new villain Bushmaster.

The Great British Baking Show [PBS, 9p]
Ain’t no reality competition like a PBS reality competition because a PBS reality competition is … well, nice. That’s been the refreshing show of this U.K. import, as the amateur baker gladiators betray a genuine affability and camaraderie that goes beyond the famed Brit stiff upper lip. A downside is that this season is old hat overseas, but that also means that departed judges Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry are still there, reveling in their apparent last ride.



  • British stand-up Romesh Ranganathan practically made his bones by bringing his family life to a central point of his comedy, so when his Sri Lankan mother visits him in his new Los Angeles home, it could be hilarious, awkwardly tragic or both, as chronicled on the latest episode of his Showtime showcase Just Another Immigrant.
  • ABC’s Quantico channels its inner-Mr. Robot (or maybe Source Code)  as the team takes to the rails to protect an emergent technology that could be dangerous in the wrong hands.
  • In other news, Syfy’s 12 Monkeys is still going … well, not strong, as its winding down its final episodes. But, it’s still there as it hurtles towards oblivion.

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