What to Watch: 06/19/2018

News and history are under attack in today’s environment, so it’s fitting that we are highlighting one show about each.

The Bold Type [Freeform, 8p]
This show is so good! It shows us kind, strong, career driven women and empowering female friendships. I’m honestly a little sad that I can’t work at Scarlett for real. Tonight Sutton has to navigate the nebulous space of friendship and career when Kat asks her to hire Adena for a photoshoot. Meanwhile, Jane deals with unemployment.

Drunk History [Comedy, 10p]
In an era where all sources are doubted by someone, Derek Waters’ cast of drunken storytellers and inspired re-creators can be considered as reliable as anything. The Comedy Central show returns after a mid-season layoff with a look at stories surrounding World War II.



  • Wonkru has a secret plan and Clarke and Bellamy are not liable to be too pleased on The CW’s popular The 100.
  • HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel is infamous for stories which expand beyond the traditional bounds of sports and tonight’s episode is no different as Gumbel’s team explores Russian premier and Trump’s best dictator buddy Putin’s influence on athletics.
  • Operation Basswood’s motives continue to confound on AMC’s trippy Humans.
  • Finally, the poison will be deadly and moving in slow as 1990 superstars Bell Biv Devoe drop by for a live performance on Fox’s Beat Shazam.

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