What to Watch: 06/10/2018

Tonight is all about the celebration of drama, and there’s also the 72nd Annual Tony Awards (ba dum bum). One of the most underrated comedies sneaks back onto Fox tonight. Also, we’ll get a lot of people looking very serious-minded to the side if the images below are to be believed.

The 72nd Annual Tony Awards [CBS, 8p]
Tune in to see a whole slew of live performances from Broadway stars! Mean Girls and SpongeBob SquarePants are tied for the most nominations with twelve each. After a few years of heavy hitting musicals and amazing ingenuity, I’m pretty sad to think that the most celebrated of the night will be musical adaptations of pre-existing material. I know that making musicals is a long and hard process, but after Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen I guess I started to believe that musical theatre was entering a new era. Tonight’s Tony Awards will remind us that musicals are fun and spectacle. There always off years, when nothing truly inspiring opens, but deep down I worry that this backtracking into safe consumable art has larger political implications. Watch the Tony Awards! Decide for yourself!

Claws [TNT, 9p]
If you’ve been in any AMC theater before the trailers kicked in, you’re surely familiar with this flashy series about Miami beauticians-turned-mobsters, however despite an excellent cast led by Niecy Nash, Carrie Preston, and Dean “Breaking Bad‘s Hank” Norris, the first season of this TNT show whooshed over my head. Today I binge, and tonight I watch. As a side note, it also stars the Hipster Olympics reporter in her second opening titles role (I kindly forget the first, but am addicted to hyperlinking).

Westworld [HBO, 9p]
The robot uprising continues this week. On the last episode, Dolores and Maeve met. This week we can see what the consequences of that may be.

Succession [HBO, 10p]
A New York family struggling for control over a media empire does not, generally, interest me. But an HBO comedy starring Brian Cox, Kieran Culkin, and Jeremy Strong does.



  • While it hasn’t been outright canceled yet, we have to wonder if Fox is well, ghosting Ghosted, as it’s burning off episodes of the series two-at-a-time in the June wild. It’s unfortunate as the chemistry between Craig Robinson and Adam Scott as classically mismatched surreal detectives was just finding its groove.
  • 1970s-into-’80s fashion and excess are all glam’d up in distinctive Rian Murphy style, as Pose digs into its second episode on FX.
  • One of the lines in tonight’s description of AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead reads “Morgan tries to do the right thing.” So, basically while Lennie James’ Kung Fu-style wanderer may have journeyed onto a new show, he’s still Morgan.
  • And if you really wish to unwind from a week that has found our accidental president starting war with Canada while courting North Korea, NBC revivifies “Game Night” led by an episode of the unkillable $100000 Pyramid featuring Leslie Jones, a woman who could have been created in a lab to crush it at this show.

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