What to Watch: 06/04/2018

One of Freeform’s best reviewed shows begins its three-day march into the sunset, a popular feminist novel hits the small screen (with its own aftershow), a (kinda) real life version of The Americans are profiled, and Supergirl remains super.

Dietland [AMC, 9p]
A revenge tale with #MeToo leanings, the newest AMC drama is based on a popular 2015 novel by Sarai Walker, and the showrunner is UnReal’s Marni Noxon, so of course I’m in. AMC is so confident, they even have one of their Talkin’-style aftershows (see below) ready-to-go on day 1.

The Fosters [Freeform]
I’ve watched this show since the beginning and am sad that it is over, but also very happy that they recognized it was their time before dragging it on to its demise. Tonight marks the beginning of their three part finale. For the next three nights, we get to follow the Adams-Foster family into the future and see the family years down the road.

The Spy Who Raised Me [A&E, 10p]
Hang with Chelsea Dittrich, an American-born woman raised by an American man who spied for Russia. Dittrich also meets other people whose lives at home were ruined by their parents’ career in Intelligence.

Supergirl [The CW, 8p]
The season is almost over and this week Kara makes a life changing decision and Martian Manhunter finds that DEO weapons are lose on the streets of National City. All pat for the course for an episode of Supergirl.



  • One of Facebook Watch’s first big pieces of original programming, Five Points is one event told from the differing perspectives of five Chicago high school students. It’s from Miss Kerry Washington, so as Bojack Horseman‘s Abe D’Catfish (miss ya Garry Marshall) might say, they are not making Rashomon: because that’s a Japanese movie about four samurai, while this is a TV show is about five high school students, so they LITERALLY are not making Rashomon. (call us a desperate job hunter, because we went a long way for that reference).
  • Continuing the Bojack theme (we’re not pining for its return or anything): the real-life version of their MBN series “Hey, I Think You Can Dance,” So You Think You Can Dance returns for a 15th season of amateur toe-tapping (and heavy judging) on Fox.
  • Fiona additionally recommends another reality competition stalwart, so here’s her words: It’s down to 21 guys on ABC’s The Bachelorette, which is still way too many for me to keep track of. Who knows what will happen tonight, especially since we are so early in the season that all the promos are snippets from the entire season. I’m ready for some group date drama.
  • As we mentioned up above, AMC is so cocky you’ll love Dietland that they have already lined up a chatty companion show about what we just saw. For once, Chris Hardwick cedes the roll, but doesn’t stray far as comedian/actress (and more importantly, Talk Soup veteran) Aisha Tyler takes the reins of Unapologetic.

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