What To Watch: 06/01/2018

It’s June, let’s roll:

Rachel Dratch’s Late Night Snack [TruTV, 11:30p]
While I wish this were more of a showcase for Dratch’s comedy, rather than a mix between Tosh.0 and a throwback to early Comedy Central video showcases like Short Attention Span Theater (which, fun fact, were early hosting gigs for both Jon Stewart and Marc Maron), this clip show is still entertaining and features the always off-puttingly charming Dratch. It returns for its third season tonight.

Undercover Boss: Celebrity Edition [CBS, 8p]
Deion Sanders is undercover to find great football coaches.

VICE News Tonight [HBO, 7:30p]
On Vice’s weekly HBO show the possibilities of 3D printing are closely investigated. Including the possibility of printing rockets to get astronauts back from Mars.



  • Continuing the long and proud(?) TV tradition of crime dramas whose leads’ name fit what they do, British import C.B. Strike (we added “C.B.” to it’s original name because, um, America?) follows the exploits of ex-detective Cormoran Strike. Producers get some distance from culpability in its cliched nomenclature as the title character comes from J.K. Rowling’s side novel series of the same name. It’s on Cinemax.
  • Amazon’s All Or Nothing series, until now focused on American football, goes international, not straying too far from its original sport, as they profile rugby’s New Zealand All Blacks. Could be more exciting than this year’s pedestrian NFL choice of the Dallas Cowboys.
  • On November 13, 2015, three suicide bombers killed over 100 people in coordinated attacks in Paris, France. The Netflix documentary November 13: Attack on Paris looks at the terror through the eyes of the helpers.
  • From the Absurdly On-The-Nose Programming Dept., Bridezillas returns for yet another season on WE. Hooray, question mark?

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