What to Watch: 05/30/2018

On last year’s season penultimate episode of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Peter Riegert’s Artie Goodman opined “you know you’re in a Golden Age of Television when you take a show like The Americans for granted.” Of course, given the tenor of the former show, the statement was given by the character to prove he was not a zombie, but it’s true nonetheless. Both shows figure into today’s round-up as we will find out what life is like without the latter soon enough as The Americans season finale airs tonight, and Screen Scholars truly believes in that “Golden Age of Television” as it’s not even one of our editors’ FIVE main picks for tonight.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt [Netflix]
There’s just something about Kimmy! Despite some of the problematic jokes that come along with the territory, I just can’t look away from this series. Titus is just too good! What cover song will he perform this season? I must know! And let’s face it, if Kimmy can make it in NYC there is still hope for all of us.

Reverie [NBC, 10p]
Virtual reality is both more popular and more accessible than ever before – and more advanced. Reverie deals with the implications of this rapidly developing tech while focusing on the the humanity behind it. I bet it will be better than Lawnmower Man.

Dallas & Robo [YouTube Red]
John Cena seems to be everywhere these days, including coming out of an animated giant robot paired with a Kat Dennings-voiced human space trucker, who would seem to be the Bender in this Futurama setting. In any case, it’s from the same animation studio as Bojack Horseman and Robot Chicken, and seems to work in the same bluely cynical world; if it shares even a little of those programs’ wit, it could put YouTube original programming on the map.

Masterchef [Fox, 8p]
Tonight is the two hour premiere of season 9. The battle of the white apron begins! A little known fact about myself is that I auditioned for this season of Masterchef and made it decently far. You won’t be seeing me on television, but I do know most of the folks competing and can’t wait to see how they do!

Son of Lassie [TCM, 9:45p]
1945’s sequel to Lassie Come Home in glorious color!



  • What will become of the Jennings as the 1990s loom. FX’s critically-acclaimed series The Americans ends tonight after six seasons.
  • Also ending, albeit after a shorter run, is the Selena Williams five-episode docu-series, Being Serena, on HBO.
  • As two shows reach their natural end, NBC’s American Ninja Warrior shall never die. The raucous series of obstacle courses returns for a tenth season with new competitors.

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