What to Watch: 05/29/2018

Now, the story of a fake television family and the one man who said some really dumb things to try to keep them all together, essentially awkwardly mansplaining away a cast member’s aggression, as it all became an Arrested Development-style mess. It’s Season 5. On the plus side, check the trailer below, they finally got the rights to an actual existing song (so it’s not hopelessly hopeless). Also returning is the saga of a less sinister family: one that runs a California crime syndicate.

Arrested Development [Netflix]
While between the five-year delay after a polarizing season and Jeffrey Tambor turning out to apparently be even more of a tool than some of the characters he’s played (and way more George Sr. than Oscar), some of the excitement has waned for the fifth season of what once was the most clever show on television. However, while I may not blue myself this time, or even stay up til 3am EST for this morning’s Netflix unveiling, I’ll still probably watch the eight-pack in a single sitting.

Animal Kingdom [TNT, 9p]
Baz fights for his life and Smurf is still plotting behind bars. But who will step in to fill the power vacuum?



  • Yet another family returns, as the saga of the Bordelon sisters continues on OWN’s Queen Sugar, as book deals are proposed and bloodlines are (maybe) confirmed. Season three commences at 10 p.m. tonight.
  • The musical identification app Shazam has apparently made it through the rain and the second season of the game show Beat Shazam begins tonight as an Oscar winner asks humans to identify pop songs better than a robot. And that’s why I love America. Hosted by Jamie Foxx on Fox.
  • Dominic Monaghan (perhaps best known for writing “Not Penny’s Boat” on his hand during his Lost death throes) stars as an NYPD detective abroad in Scandinavia on 100 Code, a thriller that’s three years old in Sweden, but debuts stateside on WGN tonight.

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